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    What our customers are saying

    After years of working with numerous service providers in different regions of Canada to service a variety of thermal and heavy duty line printers, we found that MSP consistently gave us the level of success we required to satisfy our customers. As a result, two years ago we chose MSP to be our sole service provider across Canada.

    We used MSP to upgrade multiple PDA’s at 173 retail locations across Canada.

    They took full responsibility for our project, acting as a central warehouse for parts disbursement, tech scheduling, project fulfillment and regular reporting. We provided them with an online training video, gave them a tight window for execution and left the rest to them. They simplified our project internally and performed above expectations. Although this was a onetime project, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

    We are a U.S. based company and have been using MSP for years to service function specific laser printers across Canada. They consistently have met our SLA’s. And often work with us to provide price points that assist us in closing major deals. Our process is to issue a work order for anywhere in Canada directly to MSP. Beyond that they keep us informed of progress and provide detailed reports of implemented solutions. We have never had to ask for updates.

    We are a European company dealing in locker delivery technology. Our initial primary market was the United States and our original exposure to MSP came about when we closed a major deal in Canada.

    The level of expertise, professionalism and integrity which we experienced with MSP, through difficult overnight and weekend installations involving multiple technicians of varying technical abilities, made our Canadian project a success. We were delighted when we discovered that MSP could also handle our U.S. installations.